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We are pleased to introduce you to eMoped, a company that sells completely electric scooters for hotels, villa landlords,
apartments, and just anyone.
About us
eMoped is an ambitious company that sells electric scooters to hotels, villa landlords, and apartments. And they, in turn, rent to their guests. Our main value is to make your guests happier and show them Corsica on new sides.
Our services
Sale of electric scooters chargers
Sale of electric scooters to hotels, landlords of villas and apartments
Sale of electric scooters to individuals
Would you like to enhance your image and make your guests' stay in Corsica even better?

Our advantages
Fully electric scooters
No maintenance required
2 years warranty
Maximum speed
45 km/h
The function of quick charge of the battery for 30 minutes with further recharge
5 hours full battery charge
Make your guests happy with us
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